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 Chris Knabenshue - Presenter, The Crucifixion and the Shroud   Hello, my name is Chris Knabenshue.  In the Jubilee year 2000, then while I was in a Catholic seminary in Boston, I put together a non-denominational presentation entitled "The Crucifixion and the Shroud".   In preparing this, I have personally been drawn to a deeper appreciation of Christ's Passion, and a deeper appreciation of Him as our Savior. Since its inception, I have presented “The Crucifixion and the Shroud in over six states, I was also invited to deliver Fr. Walter Abbott's paper at the 2001 International Conference on the Shroud of Turin (Dallas, Texas, and have been blessed to meet and share in the faith lives of countless people. It is my pleasure to extend this presentation to you or a group or a church you may know.

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