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Shroud Tour: The VP-8 Image Analyzer

In 1976, two NASA jet propulsion engineers, Dr. Eric Jumper and Dr. John Jackson, experimented with a picture of the Shroud of Turin and a piece of equipment known as a VP-8 Image Analyzer. A VP-8 was used by NASA to map out the terrain of planets and stars. It basically decodes three-dimensional information (spatial information) and displays it on a monitor. When a normal photograph is placed under the VP-8 Image Analyzer, it becomes all distorted. This is because a normal photograph does not have three-dimensional or spatial information.
When Jumper and Jackson put a photograph of the Shroud under the VP-8, they expected to get a distorted image. Instead, what emerged was an incredible three-dimensional image of the man of the Shroud. This same three dimensional relief is seen with modern edging effects and BRYCE image technology.

The Shroud of Turin under the VP-8 Image Analyzer
Image of a picture of the Shroud underneath the VP-8 Image Analyzer
©1997 Barrie M. Schwortz

Due to this new discovery of the Shroud, which was similar to Secundo Pia’s experience of the Hidden image, Jumper and Jackson began to put together what would go down in history as STURP: The Shroud of Turin Research Project.

Animation of the Gain Levels of a VP-* Image Analyzer on the Face of the Shroud
Animation of the gain values being adjusted from the face of the Shroud under the VP-8 Image Analyzer.
©1997 Barrie M. Schwortz


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